Commercials and Video Production

It's interesting how the very definition of "commercials" in the context of broadcasting has changed. This has mostly to do with the number of mediums exploding over the last 10 years. Traditional "commercials" can be viewed today not just on television but on your smartphone, laptop, desktop, any large outdoor device, and any other screen that technology manifests over time. The good news is that the broader range of mediums offers a more targeted way of reaching and engaging your target audience.

TV commercial.png

A commercial today is one that directly speaks and appeals to the target audience, either in terms of a product/service or the brand. This is what separates itself from other types of company videos such as general production (which might include the company's background), product/service (which may include more detail), and testimonials (which supplement the organization's broader story). A commercial generally has a call to action whereas other types of organizational videos may not...or at least may not emphasize as much. Studies show that the most effective commercials use humor, a catchy tagline, some repetition, and/or entertainment. 

Commercials are still really the only vehicle for what is still the biggest broadcasting medium today, television. So it's a critical piece of your video campaign portfolio. If you need to produce a commercial for your business of organization, contact us at 404-664-9907. We are an Atlanta video production company, offering all types of impactful organizational videos.