Video testimonials

Over the last 10 years, testimonials have become an ever-important instrument for attracting new customers and securing existing ones in the digital marketing environment. There's really nothing more powerful than having a person not directly related to the organization praising its good services. Sites like Kudzu and Yelp live and thrive just from this 3rd party relationship.


As is often with any resource however, written testimonials can be fabricated or exaggerated. Again, that's where video testimonials come in. Having the customer on video speaking about the company directly minimizes the chance of abuse. But more importantly, it helps the organization reach out and engage with prospects and customers in a more powerful way.

Video testimonials can and should be used anywhere your prospects and customers go. This includes your website, product pages, ad campaign pages, social media, and of course, for some, a testimonial page. So it's a good idea to create a video testimonial library and continue to add to it. In order to get a good testimonial program going, it's important to incent via the company's marketing operation. Once it's part of the process, it makes getting them a lot easier.

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