Using Animated Video

When you're competing with everyone else vying for the attention of your target demographic, you need to make sure you're catching eyes quickly and effectively. Animated video marketing isn't just attention grabbing; it's also engaging, effective and profitable. You're able to creatively portray your brand in ways you couldn't with live-action video content, while often being more cost-effective than a live-action shoot. The trick to success is using animated video marketing tools the right way.

Think Outside of the Traditional Video Marketing Box


This is your chance to really get creative, to set an image for your brand with almost no constraints. The more creative your campaign, the better. You want to do more than market goods or services, you want to reach out and engage with your target audience. Serving up a creative approach to promotion ensures you're not only catching their eye, but also making your brand memorable.

This is also your chance to target global audiences with minimal added overhead. An infinite number of additional voiceover tracks can be created in as many languages as you want, all using a single animated video. If your concept transcends cultural boundaries, show it in ways you'd be unable to convey on film. Working with concepts that aren't so exciting? Create an engaging animated video marketing campaign, which instantly makes the topic more interesting.

Using Animated Video Marketing for Powerful Messaging

Chances are, your target audience has plenty of fond childhood memories revolving around early-morning cartoons. This means animation is not only less expensive and more expressive, but also primed to strike a psychological and emotional note with your audience. Animated videos with targeted messaging are as powerful as any marketing tactic today. And mixed media (combining live action and animation) is perhaps the most powerful.

Companies often have a hard time explaining complex ideas to the prospects and customers. Animated “explainer” videos quickly cut through the complexity to deliver simple and even entertaining messaging. The great thing too is that the animated video process generally fits nicely in the existing messaging and branding for most companies.

Animated video is good for refreshing brands but is especially good for startups and new products or services. If you're ready to explore how animated video marketing can quickly connect with your prospects and boost visibility, contact our sister company Commotion Engine.