The Power of Motion Graphics


As an Atlanta video production company, we're always looking for ways to help clients connect with their audience and to tell their story more effectively. In addition to video footage, motion graphics are a way to help inform and entertain.

Motion graphics (aka video graphics) are pieces of digital animation that are added to video and audio to add depth to the presentation. They've really taken over in communicating as well. Try to watch a car dealership commercial and you'll notice a great deal of motion graphics. This would include the pricing that they flash up as well as all the deals and the dealership's brand/logo. (In my opinion, they go a little overboard with motion graphics in the car industry :) .)

Green screens are just the background on which to add the motion graphic layers. And you may have noticed how prevalent the film industry utilizes green screens and graphics today. Animation is just an extreme form of this. Using one of a handful of impressive motion graphics applications, video agencies can really transform a scene or video. And these applications have developed tremendously over the last 10 years.

Perhaps the biggest impact motion graphics have made is that they communicate with energy on their own. That is, motion graphics can add a level of excitement that additional footage just can't. They can increase the pace and emotion of a video and can assist in pushing your messages. The news industry can support that claim. If you look back at news footage 30 years ago, even interesting events were presented with long, uninteresting dialogue by reporters. Today, most events are introduced by graphical "breaking news".

Motion graphics for business video is handled much the same way as the film industry. The idea is to enhance the story and take it to another level. If you need motion graphics help, let us know.