Micro-content Videos


An important development of the intersection of video and social media has been the emergence of micro-content videos (aka 'intro', 'gateway', or 'teaser' videos). These are the short, 5 to 15 second videos meant to capture the attention of social media users. With so much competition for attention on these platforms, these short videos have become the best way to stand out.

The process has been to provide a video glimpse into your message along with something that is humorous or stands out. By clicking on the link after the intro, the viewer can then be sent to another longer video that presents in more detail. The short videos get to the point quickly and are compelling to the visitor to look further. The longer videos tend to take longer in getting to the point. If a visitor doesn't like the short micro-content videos, they can opt out of going further. So, like with all corporate marketing processes, these videos act as a funnel in guiding truly interested parties to learn more about your products and services.

To produce a micro-content video requires a little more planning and developing a flow chart. This exercise is great too in integrating into an organizations broader marketing operations. And they're just another way of getting your brand out there.


Twiin Media is a full-service corporate video production company out of Atlanta. We love making all sizes of videos, whether full-length, short, and/or micro. Call to let us know about your next video campaign. We can be found at http://www.twiinmedia.com/.