The Influence of Video Testimonials

Customer testimonials have always been a powerful tool for developing trust and confidence in a brand. In today’s competitive online market, testimonials are even more critical than before. But why go with a video testimonial when it is so much easier to collect and post testimonials in text? The reasons are numerous, but here’s our top 5 reasons why you should use video testimonials as part of your marketing strategy.


1. Emotional Impact
No matter how many exclamation points you put after a sentence, it can’t communicate the strength of emotion presented in facial expressions and tone of voice. Seeing and hearing another customer express their appreciation for your services or products makes an emotional connection with the viewer that cannot be duplicated with any other medium.

2. The Power of Story
If you want someone to remember something, there is one successful vehicle of delivery that has been used since the beginning of time: storytelling. Telling the story of “The Boy That Cried Wolf” makes a bigger impression than simply telling children not to lie. With video testimonials, you give customers the opportunity to tell their “story.” You can do the same thing in a written case study, but studies continue to show that people are more likely to watch a video than to read a page of text. When given the choice between reading text and watching a video, 59% of executives said they’d choose video.

3. The Trust Factor
“If you read it on the Internet, it must be true.” Make this statement in any group of individuals and you’ll get a laugh. False information is easily propagated on the web. Unethical companies frequently create their own “customer testimonials” to post on their websites to increase the trust factor. People know this. A video takes an investment of time and money to create. When viewers see real people using their own words to describe their experience with your company, they are much more likely to trust the information they receive.

4. Higher Conversions
There are two ways that video testimonials result in higher conversions. One is through increased site traffic and the other is through the power of social proof. Video increases site traffic in two ways. One, because people are drawn to video via search, and secondly, because videos are easily and frequently shared.

Once a visitor lands on your website, ComScore statistics say visitors to websites are 64% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video on your site. The power of story and the emotional impact of video magnify the trust factor for your brand. This is often referred to as “social proof.” Other people love this company, therefore, I will too.

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