Getting Over Any Fear of Video Production

Is some reluctance to appear on camera complicating your latest project? While it's both completely normal and quite common to feel somewhat intimidated by a recording camera light, it doesn't have to stand between you and great content. As experts in commercial video production, we know it's difficult for many people to step out of their comfort zone and into the spotlight.

Preparing for your Video Production


Unless you're a trained and seasoned actor, there's a good chance you'll feel at least a bit of anxiety when you step in front of a camera for the first time. Since you want to appear relaxed, knowledgeable and charismatic to your audience, it's a good idea to work on bringing your comfort level up before the video production begins.

This can be as simple as making sure you're well prepared and well versed in the material. Even if you're working off a script, take some time to memorize your talking points. Practice in front of the mirror, family members and others with whom you feel comfortable, all with an aim toward familiarizing yourself with the information you'd like to relay.

On the day of your video production, choose clothes you feel comfortable and confident wearing. While it may seem like an insignificant detail, you may be surprised by the difference you feel in your comfort level when you get in front of the camera.

Embrace your quirks and unique mannerisms, too. The more natural you feel, the more genuine and engaging you will be on commercial video. Do you find yourself frequently using your hands for emphasis in regular conversation? Are you more comfortable sitting to speak or standing? We’ll work with you to find the most comfortable setting, which allows you to focus your energy on the material, rather than trying to curb or minimize natural mannerisms.

Building a Content Plan

What do you want on the videos you’re planning to project to the world? What kind of information do you hope to convey? A clear vision and a strong plan can do a lot when it comes to dispelling camera-shy tendencies. Knowing what you want to say, how you want to say it and the impact you’d like your video production to have can all contribute to a more confident, natural and camera-ready persona.

Spend some time poring over your bullet points or script to really commit them to memory. When you know what you want to say and how you want to say it, you eliminate more of the reasons you might feel camera shy. This is where choosing experienced and knowledgeable commercial video production partners can also make a real difference.

For more detailed information on preparing a good video production, click on the link along the top menu of the page called "Playbook", and be sure to download a copy. Don’t let fear stand in your way. Twiin Media can help you bring your vision to life.