Video Interviews

When it comes to a brand getting personal, nothing works better than a video interview. Interviews in this case are typically of employees. They can be either the company's leader or any role over the offering to spotlight. It's really a good opportunity to appeal to prospects, customers, etc in a one-on-one style.


Video interviews have traditionally been shot using one camera. We've used two on occasion. Really, we think offering the viewer at least a couple of perspectives of the interviewee's a good idea. Probably the most important thing about a video interview is what the interviewee (person being interviewed) will be talking about. The easiest approach is fielding FAQs (frequently asked questions). In this way, the material is planned out ahead of time. While we've seen a handful of people over the years who are able to ad lib an interview, most have a hard time. So the planning part is important. At the same time, we really want to capture as much spontaniety as possible.

In addition to FAQs, a general presentation is also valuable. This is where the interviewee generally leads the viewer through the points that the company wants to share. It's the job of the video production company to make sure that the person being filmed is relaxed and gets his/her points across in the best light. Also important is the entertainment factor.

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