Parallax 3D Photo Perspective

Parallax is a term used to describe the difference between an image shown by a viewing system and an image shown by a viewing sensor. The Parallax photo process takes a still image, isolates certain items, then renders them slightly different for the person viewing them through video output. It gives the impression to the viewer that certain items in an image are detached, moving, and live. This may be too detailed of an explanation, but essentially what parallax does is provide a 3D effect to still images through video.

You may have already seen the parallax effect in use if you've seen any of Ken Burns' work. He's famous for his mini-series such as "The Civil War", "Baseball", and "Jazz". 

Technology continues to advance and video is becoming more pervasive. The general direction is immersion. That is, the more immersed a viewer feels about the media displayed, the more relatable it is to them. This is particularly true with the emergence of 2D and 3D video. The parallax technology along with cropping and panning allows still images to have this immersion effect as well.

The applications for parallax are varied. Obviously old photos or situations where video couldn't/can't be filmed is a good scenario to use parallax. But a fully rich presentation using different perspectives (such as aerial video plus motion graphics plus parallax) provides a truly immersive experience for the viewer. We offer parallax services as another way of getting your story across.

Keep in mind however that parallax (3D conversion) can't be used with all photos. For photos that can't be converted, there are still ways of presenting photos with depth and branding. For those situations, let us help you transform your experiences.