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Video has the ability to transport potential buyers or tenants to properties no matter where they’re located and when they want to view. The medium provides the unique ability to view properties in a myriad of ways and can help agents/managers present key features powerfully.

Twiin Media has the expertise (we are drone licensed), equipment, and technology to produce exceptional real estate videos. What's most impactful however is our process.

- Planning - it starts with a planning meeting where we'll discuss your objectives, the target audience and their personas, any existing marketing messages, and the overall brand.

- Content - we'll then collect any existing digital assets you'd like included along with messaging. We'll develop the storyboard.

- Schedule - we'll collaboratively set a video project schedule.

- Filming - we'll then shoot and edit the video(s).

Once approved, we deliver the finished video in a number of formats. We can then distribute and market the videos or work with your team to do that.

Our process includes a combination of video perspectives designed to immerse the buyer and/or tenants. We focus on highlighting the strengths of the property through visual presentation:

  • Aerial drone - our drone imagery offers a powerful perspective on real estate. Property owners are able to show where the property sits geographically as well its relationship to other important local resources. Twiin Media plans and acquires the necessary permits for all real estate shoots. 
  • Google Earth - Google's mapping service has created never-before-seen perspectives. It allows owners/managers to show their properties anywhere from 20k feet down to street level. A great way to create property fly-ins to a particular address, the service works very well in combination with traditional video.
  • Motion graphics - technology today allows you to present the property in its best light via graphics. This is done by visually adding features of the property as well as key geographic resources such as landmarks, roads, restaurants, shopping areas, etc.
  • 2D / 3D - these technologies provide the user with immersive experiences that can't be captured elsewhere. Good for stationary experiences of rooms/areas and great for walkthroughs of the property. Also good for agent showings (combined with motion graphics).
  • Photography - used within and in combination with video above, still pictures can also provide a powerful experience. They include traditional, parallax (3D perspective), dollhouse view, and floorplan view.
  • Narrative/interview -  taking the sales experience to the next level, a narrative/interview (using the agent to present) connects the property to the seller and allows the major selling points to be made and contact easier.  

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