Graphic Design

We've had a significant amount of experience in graphic design via print and display media. And while we still use some elements of graphic design in video work, print and display are no longer a focus of Twiin Media.

That said, there have been occasions where crossover media has been needed (video and display, video and collateral, etc). In those cases, we are more than willing to accomodate.

Blue Cross Blue Shield - Interactive tool

Developed acquisition materials intended for use during a finalist presentation directly aligned with current marketing efforts. Intent was to pique the interest of Blue Cross and Blue Shield's solutions, leave the prospect to the point of interest and solidify the sale. The blocks were used throughout the campaign.

Beach Boys - VIP Display 

We created the background of the Album Wall in 3D and added the album artwork in Photoshop. The Time Line Wall was built in Photoshop.

Various - Logo design

Includes some logos that we've designed for clients.

Various - Print design

Includes various print design projects we've worked on for clients.