Live Streaming


One of the trends we listed for 2018 was live streaming (aka "live broadcast"). As the name implies, there's no buffer (or very little) between what's filmed and what's broadcast to the world. Consumers have taken to live broadcast like wildfire as mobile phones and social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube have made it relatively easy to use.

Traditionally great for news, concerts, and sporting events, emerging technologies have quickly broadened the use of live streaming for companies to include conferences, product and service launches and announcements, trade shows, demos, webinars, and even social events. Live streaming platforms such as  Livestream, Brightcove, YouTube, and Vimeo have made live opportunities a great marketing opportunity. And studies are already showing the appeal - viewers are spending up to three times longer watching live videos than produced (filmed and edited) ones.

In terms of producing live broadcast, you don't have to deal with storyboarding/scripting and editing. However, that doesn't mean you don't need to plan it out. Viewers will be turned off and will leave in droves as you "discover" the magic of live streaming without something interesting or relevant to watch! So where storyboards and scripting are necessary with traditional produced video, setups are critical for live streaming. A setup involves multiple cameras, a platform (such as Brightcove or Vimeo), and a host or narrator (who typically have planned questions lined up).

A live stream can be targeted for users as well. You can determine up front the devices it can be played on, set up a passcode for privacy, and, as we know from pay-per-view for sporting events, charge for access. A good live stream can then be saved and edited after the fact and re-used for other purposes. With the power of this broadcasting method, we recommend live streaming as an important piece of your marketing and communications operations. 


Atlanta live streaming is quickly becoming an important way of corporate communications. Twiin Media offers corporate live streaming along with post production services. Let us know about your next broadcast at 404-664-9907.